If you are looking to purchase a course for somebody other than yourself, then our corporate group training is what you need. Purchase the course and then assign anybody you want to take the course. This option is great if you want to assign more than 1 person to take any training course we provide. Track and monitor your employee’s progress in real-time, and print off their certificates all in one place.

Group discount pricing is available for all corporate training courses.

Forklift Picture
Forklift $45
Reach Truck Operator
Reach Truck $45
Dock Stocker unloading a truck
Dock Stocker $45
Order picker certificate
Order Picker $55
Online walkie rider
Walkie/Rider $35
Center Rider Walkie
Double Pallet Walkie
Employee working on warehouse with boxes on shelves. Worker operator using reach truck
Walkie Stacker $40
Indoor overhead crane operator
Overhead Crane $60
Worker using a fall protection harness
Fall Protection $45
Aerial Lifts
Aerial Lift Training $42
scissor lift operator
Scissors Lift $47.95
vehicle mounted aerial lift training
Vehicle Mounted $60
Ladder Safety
Telehandler Training
Telehandler $65
skid steer worker
Skid Steer Training $75
front end loader bucket
Front End Loader $85
Mini Excavator
TDG $24.50 CND Only
online training whmis
WHMIS $24.50 CND Only

Online forklift training is a great way to get your forklift license and certification.

Forklift trucks are an essential part of many businesses, yet they can be dangerous if not operated properly. That’s why it’s important for all forklift operators to be properly trained and certified.

In the past, forklift truck training was only available in person and was often quite expensive. However, with the emergence of online courses, forklift training is now more accessible and affordable than ever before. Not to mention, online courses are often more comprehensive and allow you to learn at your own pace.

If you’re looking for a forklift training course online that is OSHA-approved and CSA-compliant. Then AI Forklift Training is were you want to be.

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