Forklift Safety In 2022! It Starts With You

Forklift safety is something that should be taken very serious.

Forklift safety should be everyone’s concern Everyday there are forklift accidents that can be easily avoided. With the proper training and education that can be available to employees. from this article you can read more about the MOL forklift safety and how to prevent it.
This is a worker being trained on forklift safety
Forklift Safety

Forklift Safety Is Everybody’s Responsibility

With companies increasing production and more materials are being added to warehouses, forklift safety should be the #1 priority. Tighter spaces means forklift operators are being pressured to deliver the materials to production at a greater rate than before. warehouse layouts are key to forklift safety as with more blind spots in the warehouse the more likely an accident can occur.

Forklift Accidents In The Workplace

Accidents in the workplace are more common than you think, lack of proper training and education is one of the leading causes of workplace accidents. But there is good news that can help reduce the number of accidents in the workplace. #1 cause of accidents is lack of proper training, most people think ” I have been driving for 40 years” this does not mean you are a safe driver it just means you have been driving for 40 years. Just because you have been driving a forklift a long time does not mean you are a safe forklift operator it just means that you have more experience but is that enough to keep you safe? Refresher courses for licensed forklift operators is the best way to keep employees safe with updated training and education means safer driving. Now I know what your going to say, “I have been driving 40 years and never had an accident” while this maybe true does it mean your safe or just have been lucky? Below is a video of some dangerous practices.  

Education And Training Is Key

So I have mentioned a few things and have posted an article and posted a video for you to look at. For me the best thing to keep workers safe in the workplace is through constant education and training. This will help forklift operators stay on the right track and keep them safe and everybody around them safe. You can learn more at and see what we can do to help keep you safe.

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