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Forklift Training In Toronto

Forklift Training

Getting your forklift license has never been easier, Our comprehensive forklift training course meets or exceeds the CSA and B335-15 standards and the Ontario Ministry of labor guidelines for the safe operation of powered lift trucks.

With our interactive counterbalance or stand-up forklift training course, your employees will emerge with far more information and knowledge and be more productive.

So what is the CSA? The CSA is the (Canadian Standards Association). CSA publishes standards in print and electronic form and provides training and advisory services. CSA is composed of representatives from industry, government, and consumer groups.

If you would like more information please click on the link provided. CSA

Who Needs the Training To Operate A Forklift

Any person that wants to operate a forklift needs specific training on the machine that they will be using, just because you are certified to operate one type of forklift does not allow you to operate any type of forklift. 

That is why training is required so you know what types of forklifts you can operate.

Training needs to be specific to the type of machine that you want to operate so choosing what type of forklift you want training on is important.

What You Will Receive

  • Classroom Theory Training
  • Practical evaluations
  • Written Exam
  • Picture I.D License
  • Certificate of Completion

A passing grade of 80% on the written exam in order to pass this training course.

Topics Covered In The Training Course

  • Fundamentals of powered lift trucks
  • General operating procedures
  • Load handling
  • Re-fuelling and battery recharging
  • Workplace safety
  • Forklift Stability
  • Dock area safety
  • Pedestrian awareness
Forklift License

Upon successful completion of the theory and practical evaluation, each operator will receive a wallet-size ID forklift license and Certificate of Achievement. Choosing AI Forklift Training for your on-site training is a great investment. Your employees will be safer, and smarter forklift operators and completely compliant with the standards.

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