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Ladder-related incidents are a significant cause of injuries and fatalities worldwide, with many occurring in occupational and domestic settings. While specific statistics may vary by country and region, the general trends highlight the importance of ladder safety.

Ladder safety

How Onsite Ladder Training Can Be Effective

Ladder safety training is designed to educate individuals on the proper selection, care, and safe use of ladders in various settings, including workplaces and homes. This training aims to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries associated with ladder use by providing participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to work safely with ladders.

Ladder safety training is essential for preventing accidents and injuries when working on ladders. By following proper procedures and implementing the knowledge gained from training, individuals can significantly reduce the risk of ladder-related incidents.


The Benefits of Onsite Ladder Safety Training

By investing in comprehensive onsite ladder safety training, employers can prioritize the well-being of their employees, ensure compliance with regulations, and create a safer work environment.

Having AI Forklift Training as part of your ladder safety training program ensures your employees will be more confident while working on ladders.

CSA and MOL Compliant

Onsite ladder safety training ensures compliance with regulations set by organizations such as CSA ( Canadian Standards Association) and MOL ( Ministry of Labor). The training helps employers meet the training requirements outlined by regulatory bodies. It covers various aspects of ladder safety including, ladder selection, inspection, setup, and safe climbing practices. Onsite training provides hands-on learning opportunities, immediate feedback, and the ability to tailor the training to specific work environments. By investing in ladder safety training, employers can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, increase employee confidence and competence, and create a safer work environment.

Theory Training Topics

Practical Training Evaluations

Theory and practical training go hand in hand. Finishing the theory training requires trainees to pass a written exam. A score of 80% needs to be accomplished in order to pass and move on to the practical training.

Practical training may be required depending on the company and there requirements.

Having AI Forklift Training as your Ladder Safety training company is your first step in keeping your employees safe while working on ladders. Don’t sacrifice training over costs, we offer the best pricing in Toronto and we will work with you to get you the best price. Don’t delay and call us today!

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