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Order Picker Training

Order picker training in Toronto can be an easy process, however, there are a few things you need to know. There are many different brands, makes, and models, but the most common are Crown, Komatsu, Raymond, and Clark to name a few.

Typically, there are low and high pickers. The difference is that one raises the operator up while the other is more like a pallet jack and does not raise the operator. High Reach Order Picker Forklifts is a type of lift truck that features an elevating platform for the truck’s operator.

This platform allows the operator to be raised into the air, which facilitates less load picking or stocking. The operator essentially is lifted or lowered to the height of the pick or stock position with the load to get access to the product. The lift platform doubles as the stocking/picking platform as well as the order picker’s driver cab. 

The platform itself is integrated with the load-carrying unit (forks) and the mast. Often, the cab of this machine features what is known as a “dead man’s switch.” This safety switch (which can be a pedal or other special safety harness) will prevent the machine from moving unless activated by the operator. The operation of this switch is designed so that movement of the forklift is not possible while the operator is stocking or picking products.


Order Picker Training

What Is An Order Picker?

A picker is a type of warehouse worker who is responsible for filling customer orders. Pickers typically work in large warehouses and use a type of mechanical device called an order picker to move up and down the shelves to retrieve the items that need to be packed and shipped.

Order Pickers can reach great heights so you must be comfortable with that. Fall protection equipment must be used on this machine. 

Order Picker Training

You will need to complete some training before you can become certified. The first step is to complete the theory portion of the training. This course will teach you how to safely operate your machine and how to avoid potential accidents.

After you have completed the theory portion you will then need to complete a certified training program.

These programs are typically offered by training companies. During the program, you will learn how to use this type of machine and how to pack them correctly.

Order Picker License

Once you have passed the written and practical evaluation, you will be issued a picture license. This license will need to be renewed every three years and will allow you to work as an order picker in Toronto.

You must complete Fall Protection training in order to operate this type of machine you can find more information on the CSA  website or at our website AI Forklift Training

What will be Covered In The Training 

  • Battery safety and inspection
  • Safety
  • Preoperational Checklist
  • Stability
  • Capacity
  • Rights of the worker
  • Pedestrian awareness 

The Exam

Once you have completed the theory portion of the training, you will then need to pass a written examination to obtain your license.

The written examination will test your knowledge of safety procedures and the proper way to use an order picker.

The practical evaluation will require you to actually use an order picker to pick orders and will be judged on your speed and accuracy.