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Time to Boost Your Career with Forklift Walkie Training from AI Forklift Training

The Forklift walkie, also known as a walk-behind forklift or pedestrian stacker, is a versatile and efficient material handling equipment widely used in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities.

At AI Forklift training, our walkie-stacker training online provides comprehensive training on the safe and efficient operation of walkie-stackers. Our interactive and engaging training program covers essential topics such as safety regulations, equipment maintenance, and advanced operation techniques.

AI Forklift Training is OHSA and CSA compliant, so you have the latest for your training. Getting your online Walkie Stacker license is a great way to become a certified operator.

Print off your license and certificate upon completion of the written exam. Unlimited exam attempts so you know you will pass. Access your records anytime by logging into your account.

Use your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet anywhere, at any time. Training is available all across Canada.

Online Walkie Stacker Certificate Training is easy and a great way to become a certified operator.

What Happens in Forklift Walkie-Stacker Training Online?

In Forklift Walkie stacker training online, participants learn the essential knowledge and skills to operate the job efficiently. The training covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Walkie-Stacker Operations – Participants learn about the different components of walkie-stackers, their functions, and how to operate them safely.
  • Safety Regulations – The training emphasizes the importance of safety regulations when operating walkie stackers, including OSHA requirements, workplace hazards, and personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Load Handling Techniques – Participants learn the proper methods of loading and unloading pallets, maneuvering in confined spaces, and safely stacking materials.
  • Maintenance and Inspection – The training covers the basics of walkie stacker maintenance, including routine inspections, battery care, and record keeping.
  • Advanced Techniques – Participants learn advanced walkie stacker operation techniques, including handling challenging loads, navigating obstacles, and maximizing productivity.

Online Walkie Stacker Certification Training Objectives:

To provide the participants with the skill and knowledge related to powered equipment as defined by AS 2359.2. Having your employees professionally trained and operating specific equipment at the workplace keeps everybody safe, including pedestrians and operators.

The walkie stacker lift truck operator-training course is designed to provide warehouse operators with a solid foundation in:

  • Health & Safety Standards
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Proper Procedures for Safe Operation

Our online walkie-stacker training course consists of theory online and a written test; an experienced supervisor or manager must do the practical evaluation. The course is delivered through presentations.

Online Walkie Stacker Training Topics

  • Fundamentals of Warehouse Products
  • Stability, Balance & Capacity
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Pre-Operational Inspections
  • Battery Charging & Battery Changing
  • Wallet and wall Certification, Upon Successful Completion of this Course, will be available for download.
  • 80% passing grade on the final exam

TRAINING DURATION: This online course will take approximately 1 hour

Walkie Stacker License & Certification

In addition to providing comprehensive training, AI Forklift Training also offers a walkie stacker license and certification for participants who complete the training. Our walkie-stacker certification is OSHA-compliant and recognized in the industry, enhancing your employability and career opportunities.

How to Get a License?

To obtain a walkie-stacker license, participants must pass a practical evaluation and a written test that assesses their knowledge of walkie-stacker operations, safety regulations, and maintenance procedures.

Upon passing the evaluation and test, participants will receive their walkie-stacker certification, which confirms their competence and expertise in operating walkie-stackers.

Our walkie-stacker certification is valid for three years, after which participants must renew their certification through a refresher course. At AI Forklift Training, we make it easy and convenient for you to renew your certification by providing walkie stacker training online refresher courses that cover the latest safety standards and best practices.

Don’t wait! Sign up for our walkie stacker certification course today and take the first step toward a safer and more successful career in material handling.