#1 Things You Need To Know About Propane Tanks

Forklift Propane Tanks: Sizes, Refilling, & More

Propane-powered forklifts have moved products around warehouses for decades now.

Managers of these facilities not only appreciate the power propane provides, but also how quick and easy it is to replace an empty forklift tank with a fresh one. Say goodbye to waiting for the electric units to charge! In today’s “right now” economy, with more and more products that can be ordered online and delivered within hours, distribution centers are turning to propane forklifts, saving money while also meeting strict nationwide indoor air quality.

Tank Sizes and Power

Propane to power forklifts
Propane forklift tank

Approximately 90 percent of propane-fueled forklifts utilize a 30-liter tank that lasts an average of eight hours. Forklifts that run on a 37-liter tank are also available to power the larger forklift engines sometimes required to get bigger jobs done. Approximately five percent of forklift tank exchange customers operate lifts with these larger-sized tanks. Not unlike larger gasoline-fueled vehicles on the road today, these larger forklifts aren’t as energy efficient as the smaller models.

What Makes Propane Different

If you’re looking to clean up the air where your employees work, using propane forklifts is a must. They’ve been trusted for decades to reduce harmful emissions like NOx and hydrocarbons compared with diesel. When your crew can work in a cleaner environment, they’re more likely to be productive. Toxins released by diesel forklifts are proven to irritate respiratory issues like asthma, which could lead to sick employees who can’t come to work — that’s not good for your efficiency or workplace morale.

If you think electric forklifts aren’t polluting the environment, think again. When you consider the emissions created by manufacturing, transporting, and recharging batteries, electric forklifts produce 76 percent more SOx (Sulfur Oxide) emissions than you’d get with propane.


According To The EPA, Air With A High Concentration Of NOx Emissions Irritates Respiratory Health. Environmentally, It Can Also Contribute To Damaging Acid Rain.


At High Concentrations, SOx Can React With Other Compounds To Form Particulate Matter, Which Is Hazardous To Human Health When Breathed In.


The Combustion Of Hydrocarbons, Like Those From Diesel Fuel, Results In Carbon Monoxide Pollution. When Hydrocarbons Combine With NOx Emissions, They Can Contribute To Smog Pollution.

Propane Forklifts Are Cleaner. Period.
Stop sacrificing productivity or the long-term health of your crew for forklifts that just don’t measure up. Forklifts are the workhorse you need to get things done, indoors and out, all day long.
Tank Materials and Weight

Both steel and aluminum tanks are available to forklift operators. Each holds approximately 30 liters, but the difference in materials can create quite a difference in weight. A steel forklift cylinder weighs approximately 35 pounds when empty and 69 pounds when full. An aluminum forklift tank, on the other hand, weighs only 23 pounds when empty and 56 pounds when full. Those additional pounds are clearly harder on both delivery personnel and forklift operators.

Tank Tips and Training
Forklift Propane Tank
Propane tank Used On Forklifts

The process of replacing an empty forklift tank with a full one is easy when you remember a few important things. For example, all forklift users should know that forklifts can’t operate on barbecue-sized tanks.

Get Indoor-Outdoor versatility

You don’t need forklifts just for outdoor use when you use propane. It meets or exceeds nationwide indoor air quality standards, making propane forklifts safe to use indoors. They also deliver comparable power to diesel throughout a shift, so you can get through every task without switching equipment.

Some warehouses think their only option for productive, safe indoor operation is electric. But batteries start to lose their power as soon as they start working, which can leave you with less power throughout a shift. Propane is a proven clean choice that gives you 100 percent power for the duration of every cylinder.

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