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Telehandler Zoom Boom Certificate Training

Telehandler zoom boom training and certification course identifies the knowledge, practical skills, and evaluation requirements needed by telehandler operators. The practical evaluation requires the telehandler operator to demonstrate a competency skill level equal to or greater than the industry-accepted measurements.

There are many different names for the telehandler. It is also called a variable reach, zoom boom, telescopic handler, teleporter, reach forklift, zoom boom, or telescopic forklift. 

The process of getting your telehandler license in Toronto is not as difficult as you may think. The first step is to find a training program that is approved by the CSA. Once you have completed the theory portion you will be able to take the practical evaluation.

What Is A Telehandler

A telehandler is a vehicle that is used to move heavy equipment and materials around construction sites. They are also known as forklifts, telescopic handlers, boom lifts, and telescopic loaders. The benefits of having a telehandler license are many, they can help you get a job in the construction industry, and they can also help you move up the ladder in your career.

On-Site Telehandler Training

Our onsite telescopic handler training (zoom boom training) provides an effective way to become a Telehandler forklift operator and become Canadian compliant.  We will come to your facility and train your employees on the machine that they use most often. This makes them more relaxed when they are in their own environment.

 This course was built to meet and exceed the safety training and compliance standards set by the Canadian regulating bodies. Our online telehandler training can get your workers their Canada telehandler (zoom boom) training certificate today. 

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Training Requirements

There are certain requirements that you must meet in order to get your telehandler license in Toronto. You must be at least 18 years of age and you must also pass a written exam, as well as a practical evaluation. 

Our training gives an interactive experience where learners can retain the information and apply it on the job. Training is an investment.

This is why companies and individuals trust AI Forklift Training for their onsite training needs. Our onsite training program will provide you with the best training experience possible. 

How Does On-Site Training Work?

Onsite training by Training will consist of morning theory training followed by an exam followed up by evaluations of the machine you will be operating.

In order for an employee to become certified, both theory and evaluations must be completed and passed before you are certified to operate your specific machine.

The evaluation consists of your knowledge of the machine you will be operating. A combination of the theory portion and your experience will help you pass the evaluation part of the training.

Telehandler license in Toronto


This training program gives participants a theoretical and hands-on understanding of the hazards associated with Class 7 Rough Terrain Telehandler.

Participants will learn about the operational features of this truck and learn about the Ministry of Labor guidelines and CSA Standard B335-15: Safety Standard for Lift Trucks.

What Will I Learn In The Training?

  • Legal Responsibilities
  • Inspections and maintenance
  • Refueling
  • Hazzard assessments
  • Capacity and stability
  • Pre inspections
  • Load charts
  • Rescue plans
  • Attachments

All AI Forklift Training programs are CSA-compliant. You can learn more at the CSA website. We give the best because you deserve the best. Standards state that all operators must render their telehandler license every 3 years in order to stay compliant.